The Places of Poetry Anthology

By: Andrew & Paul

Added: 09 October 2019

We’re delighted to announce that we expect to sign a contract within the next few days to produce an anthology of poems from Places of Poetry. Places of Poetry: Mapping the Nation in Verse is planned for Oneworld Publications, for a publication date around this time next year.

Oneworld is not usually a poetry publisher. Their vision is to produce a book for the general market, and sell to people who do not regularly buy poetry. We see this approach as being in line with our vision for the project, which was to stretch the range of poetry writers and readers.

We expect the volume will include roughly 200 poems, split into eight regions:  South West England; South East England; Wales; Midlands; North West England; North East England; Scotland; Northern Ireland. Each of these regions would open with one or two famous (out of copyright) poems from that area, followed by poems from the map. This model should attract more readers, and nicely places our writers alongside some of the best-known poets in the English language.

Given that we have not accepted poems on Northern Ireland, and not encouraged poems on Scotland (although some have nonetheless been pinned successfully, at least in the south), we now need another way for writers to submit poems for these countries. Please send submissions to

We have negotiated a fee for poets, although this has had to be balanced against the high number of poems we will include. The offer from Oneworld is: £20 (per poem) or two free hardback copies (to be sold at £12.99) at the date of publication.

We will select a provisional list of poems, and contact authors, over the coming few months. If you have poems on the map, there is no need to contact us now, even if you do not want to be considered. We’ll be in touch!

Andrew & Paul

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